The Artist

IMG-20151125-WA0000-225x300 The Artist


Leonardo Capitanio is a professional artist of our times and a scholar of figurative and applied teaching artistic techniques. His unmistakable style is appreciated in every touch and stroke that leaves in his works, allowing the viewer to draw the deep feelings of the soul, including anxiety, introspection and thought.

The artistic research over the years has characterized his work often you can ‘be associated with a current one: in fact there is an art in detailed anatomical features and portraiture with a meaningful dialogue between refinement and dissolution of form.

The resulting impact is a depiction of images that are etched in the features graphics and and later nullified by a pictorial action then back together in the painting. The essence of the figure is exemplified well by its cancellation. The non-revealed becomes the focus of the image.


Capitanio attended art school, devoting himself fully in the understanding of figurative art. Later he get the Diploma of Academic honors as Master of Pittora Academy of Fine Arts in Verona.

In his Atelier he compose his first works, with considerable emphasis on portraiture, creating a cycle of paintings dedicated to various themes. One of the paintings more ‘big is kept in the Basilica of Monte Berico Vicenza, commissioned by the Works Local.

Following the artwork will be displayed in exhibitions and areas dedicated to his work, which still fascinates his colleagues, his friends, his students.


Leonardo Capitanio work in Arts and education.

Capitanio is dedicated full time to the realization of works and the artistic education in schools, and in painting classes, intermediate and advanced.